Saturday 1 June 2013

Any Other Name Is Here - Join The Shenanigans!


I'm really pleased to welcome Emma Newman back to the blog today. A writer of post-apocalyptic fiction and short stories, Emma is also the author of The Split Worlds, a quirky urban fantasy series published by Angry Robot Books. The first book, Between Two Thorns, came out earlier this year and has been receiving rave reviews. Now, the second book in the series, Any Other Name, is being unleashed on the world, and Emma has asked me to take part in the celebrations. Of course, I said yes!

Here's the blurb (doesn't it sound good?!):

Any Other Name follows on directly after the events in Between Two Thorns. Cathy is secretly seeking a way out of Nether Society by helping Max and the gargoyle to investigate the murders in the Bath Chapter. When she learns more about the mysterious Agency which oils the wheels of life in the Nether it becomes clear that the privileged few are enjoying their existence at a price far higher than they realised. It's time to change Nether society, but with assassins, Fae lords and revengeful fallen Rosas to deal with, can Cathy survive long enough to make a difference?


Pre-order/buy the book here:


Release date: 28th May US/Canada paperback, audio and e-book worldwide, 6th June 2013 UK paperback

Signed copies will be available from Toppings Books, Bath and Forbidden Planet.

Pre-order options

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DRM-Free Epub Ebook
On-sale May 28th 2013 from the Robot Trading Company

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And now for the shenanigans!

Emma has hidden descriptions of objects from Any Other Name on the Split Worlds website. They can only be found via direct links, and there are going to be 12 in total, so look out for the other links! Here's the one for this blog...

As for Emma, you can find her on her website, on Twitter and on Facebook. Thanks for letting me host you today, Emma, and very best of luck with Any Other Name - I can't wait to read it!

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  1. Between Two Thorns was brilliant, glad we didn't have to wait long for the sequel!